Student Testimonials

Listen to what Realty Institute students have to say about our school, courses, and instructors. From Directors and Vice Presidents of the largest real estate firms to the those seeking a career change, our students all have one thing in common... SUCCESS!

Although it’s been nearly 16 years since my partner Adrian Castillo and I took your classes to become salespeople, a month doesn’t go by when I don’t think of the invaluable education and in-sites that both of you gave us at the Realty Institute during our initial salesperson classes, broker classes and continuing education.

Adrian and I both have worked hard over the years and are both now Senior Vice President-Directors at Brown Harris Stevens, Manhattan’s oldest real state firm. We were the 2010 affliliate of the year for Christie’s International Realty and now my team, The Minnick Group, handles the real estate needs of many of the most affluent individuals, families and investors from all parts of the globe. My average sales transaction now tops $ 3,000,000.

We both have no doubt in our minds that we wouldn’t have come this far in the business if it weren’t for your excellent training. Particularly when it comes to ethics. As Dianne told us, “all you have in this business is your name and reputation.” The level of clients that we deal with value honesty, discretion and ethics above all. Whenever we have a problem/situation (yes, after 16 years we still get stumped sometimes), we always ask ourselves… "What would Diane tell us to do?"

We wish you continued success. As always, we will continue to refer people to you who want to get into this exciting, ever-changing and financially rewarding business.

Glenn Minnick - Brown Harris Stevens

Great experience. REALTY INSTITUTE provides an excellent online program combining both visual and auditory elements in addition to end of chapter assesments. All of which helped me prepare not only for the state exam, but also for a successful career. Thank you REALTY INSTITUTE.

Jessica R

Great school and great courses. Very infomative and detailed in the 75 hour course. I would recommend to everyone in New York pursuing their 75 hour Salspersons license.

Geri M.

The online courses are easy. The questions after each chapter helps to make sure you have a better understanding of each section. Everthing is broken down into simple terms.

Jandel S.

This was my first time doing courses online. It was very convenient fro me. Being a single parent it allowed me to take care of my household needs and spend time a the computer at my own pace. I received my sales license,continuing education courses and brokers course at Realty Institute for the past 10 years and must say I have learned a lot. I am looking forward to more online courses. It also has given me dicipline knowing "If it is to be it is up to me".

Tioni B.

The online course is perfect for individuals with busy schedules. It allows you to work at your own pace and you can access the course from any computer.

Samantha T.

The Realty Institute online course is a wonderful place to learn the essentials of Real Estate.

Norbert D.

WOW! What a great online course! As an out if state Real Estate Professional, I shopped around for an online course that offered the in depth understanding of the New York law and Real Estate topics needed to be well prepared. Realty Institute surpassed all my expectations, I highly recommend this school

Luis S.

STEVE & DIANNE: I took my Real Estate Course with you, 15 years ago. Thanks a lot and I still think you are the best! Please send this CE Online course. Thanks again!!!

Gonzalo P.

Thanks Steve for your patience with me. Coming from California , I felt like a fish out of water at first in New York. A appreciate all your help.

Robert J.

The online salesperson course from Realty Institute was simple to work through and complete. I was able to do it in my spare time, even on the roof of my building on a sunny day. The material was clearly and thoroughly covered and prepared me for both the school and state exams.

James M.

One of the outstanding features for me was the flexibility in studying the material. I could decided exactly when and how long I wanted to study and given day. I thouroughly enjoyed my online experience.

Betty H.

Good for working adults with time constraints! 24 hour access is the best part, with detail explinations of questions if you get one wrong. I would recommend to all, Simple!!!

Agazi T.

The online course was easy and the way to go when working a full time job, with no option fro class time.

Gopal S.

I am very happy for the opportunity to be part of the study online, that was very helpful. I will recommend to anyone who wants to enter a career in Real Estate. Thank you very much for your support.

Roman R.

The Online course enebled me to learn the material on my own time which is crucial when working full-time. Learning online plus having the e book enabled me to review the material anywhere.

Victoria G.

It's a good way to learn, you can take your time and review and go back to chapters you may want to re look at any time wherever you are. After evry question asked at the end of the chapters it explains to you in detail why it is that answer if you got it wrong. I would reccomend the online course to anyone that has a busy schedule.

Almir M.

It was an easy course to undersand unlike attending a live class. the chapters are re enforced which helped me. I also found the Glossary link very helpful.

Cynthia D.

The most things I like about is that you can take classes anytime and anywhere. It gives you the freedom to work on the courses on a full or partime basis. The web-site is easy to use and I think it is one of the best schools i've ever been to.

Daniel C.

The online course was a great way to learn the information required to the exam. It was very convenient -I would study without having to take off from work, which is the biggest bonus! i feel the online course went into thorough detail about each topic which is beneficial for the aspiring licensee. The practice exam center along with the quizzes after every chapter was the most beneficail part of the course. Great Course!!!

Jasmine R.

Realty Institute has been a great help along the way! This school helped me get ready for my real estate career. Thank you Steve.

C. Singh

The online course was convienent,it gave adequate infomation and preparation for the exam. I will recommend any future Real Estate salperson to take this course. You can do the course in a week or a year but its worth it. Also the coruse in inexpensive for all the knowlege one will learn.

Janald D.

I enjoyed taking the course. The ability to go back and review what you read/heard was extremley heplful. another big help was if you if you were not up to doing a class or in the right frame of mind you did not have to, unlike a classroom you either miss material or don't focus. Reviewing whenever you want and not being told when to move forward or back is great!

Shannon T.

The online course is very extensive and comprehensive in covering all the pertinent topics related to real estate. I actually found a lot of material useful both from an agents perspective and a member of the public.

The balance of the online course provides between personal time and study time was greatly beneficial. The structure of the course and practice tests were as such to enable maximum retention versus being in the classroom setting. Well done!!!!

Arif A.

The Online courses are perfect for students like me or for people with working obligations I highly reccommend Realty Institute.

Agnes L.

I found it very infomative and conveinent. I would reccommend it to anyone who doesn't have the time to attent the live classes.

Sandy I.

Your Online course feels like there is an actual person standing in front of you teaching you because of the audio. I had a greqat experience with this online course.

William S.

For me it was great because I work full time an live in CT. It allowed me to take my classes around my schedule and zero commuting to N.Y. for the classes.

John Y.

Realty Institute's online course was seamless and easy to understand. It was a wonderful way to work at my own pace!!!

Bianca H.

The course was helpful and well prepared me for the state exam. The course gave me the cofidence and ability to start my new career.

Jonathan L.

The course gave me the flexibilty needed for me to take my time and learn more about the Real Estate industry. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a full work schedule.

Anetha P.

The course was simple and easy to use and accurate. Along with the value price it's a great deal.

Ronald D.

Fantastic course, Comprehensive, well paced and thorough. I would recommend it!!

Sheldon S.

Great course, you can take the course at your own pace. The instructions are very clear and concise. It is a great way to learn to take the Real Estate licensing exam.

Wai L.

I truly believe this is the best school for an on line course in any area of real estate especially the 75 hour E text book for the 75 hours on line. I would recommend it to any person looking to get a real estate license.

Donald L.

This course gives excellent descriptions and examples of topics and scenarios for students to understand on their own.

Theo K.

The Online course was a great value and easy to learn. When I had a question about the material or the website the staff at Realty Institute were available by phone.

Yesenia P.

I really enjoyed taking this online course. It's flexibility was perfect for me and the lessons were very helpful and easy to understand. I would reccomend this to anyone seeking their Real Estate License.

Michael S.

The course was thorough, well thought out and informative. It preparedme for both the school and the state exam beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend it, and you can do it at your own leisure!!! Thank you Realty Institute

Gail C.

Overall I was very satisfied with the online course. Steve was always available to answer all of my questions wether they be technology related or material. I would absolutely take another online class with Realty Institute.

Joseph C.

The online course was very well written gives real world examples, and positive reinforcement. Gave clear and plain language and definitions. Definitely worth the time and money.

John D.

I really Enjoyed the online course it's very informative and easy to follow along. It gives you easy understanding about Real Esate, Plus gives you the time to study at your own pace.

Lemar W.

The course was very clear, and easy to follow. I really appreciated that I could take the class anytime I had available time to study. The Practice exam center was very helpful in my preparation for the exam. I would recommend to everyone.

Leila C.

The online course was very good the 75 hours were very enjoyable and I will recommend Realty Institute to everybody.

Eszter D.

Realty Institute's course was very informative and educational . I enjoyed it and would recommend your course to my friends.

Pankaj M.

First I was reluctant to register online course because I had some doubts about efficiency of the course. But I'm very glad that I took the course. It was very detailed and easy to understand . If you don't have time to enroll in a live class. It would definitely be the best option for you.

Jea Joon P.

I found the online course to be very easy to use and understand. It can be completed in your spare time which is great for busy individuals. The quizzes at the end of each section enables you to learn faster with the way it corrects you. Great Job Realty Institute overall.

Mohammed H.

The course was very clear cut and easy to understand. The questions provided were corresponding directly to the slides. Using the online course gave me an opportunity to re check and develop a better understanding of the material. Thank you.

Judy S.

Great course overall, in-depth Realty Institute really prepared me for the test. I was able to study during my free time. The course was also very convenient!! With a busy schedule this is the way to go!!!!

Jeffrey F.

The first time I took a course with Realty Institute was over 10 years ago. when I decided to become a Real Estate Associate. Back then, and now my experience with them has been a good one.The online course are not only informative and affordable but also very easy to maneuver.

Gloria T.

I love on-line course since it gives you the flexibility in your time. Plus one can review some subjects you did not get the first time you read it. And the course is not expensive. Thanks Realty Institute!

Anna M.

The course at Realty Institute was very convenient and very informative. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a schedule that is on the go or who wants to knock out the course ASAP. Thanks a lot!

Alex P.