PA CE Deadline is May 31, 2024!

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  • Realty Institute offers online continuing education for both salespeople and brokers.
  • Our course writers are all real estate professionals with hands on experience so you get a real life understanding of the material.
  • Our 14-hour packages meet Pennsylvania renewal requirements after the first renewal.
  • All courses have audio throughout. You have the option of listening to the instructor while viewing the material, listening only or viewing only. The choice is yours.
  • Start and stop at your convenience. When you sign off your place is bookmarked. Upon your return, you will be exactly where you left off.
  • We offer live telephone and email support as well as chat support.
  • All courses expire one year from date of purchase, EST.


Realty Institute Courses

All courses are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of State Real Estate Commissions and The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, known as ARELLO.

ARELLO standards require a high quality delivery system that makes online learning simple. The system we offer is among the very best available today.

All material offered by Realty Institute has been written by experienced real estate professionals who take pride in their ability to present subjects in a clear and easily understood manner. All courses offer audio throughout giving the student the opportunity to read, listen, or both.

Continuing Education Requirements

The Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act requires real estate brokers and salespersons to complete 14 hours of Commission-approved continuing education during each two- year license period.

Additionally, a licensed broker or salesperson who wishes to activate a license that has been placed on inactive status is required to document 14 hours of continuing education.

Continuing education that is used to reactivate a license cannot be used to renew the license during the same renewal period. An additional 14 hours of continuing education will need to be completed prior to renewal.

If your license has been in escrow for a period of five years or longer, you must retake the salesperson/broker examination before your license can be reactivated.

Choose one of our great packages for salespersons or brokers. All packages conform to the 14 hour Pennsylvania Continuing Education requirements.

We also offer many “ala carte” subjects for the licensee who may not need the entire 14 hours.

Support and Instructor contact

Before contacting support please view our Frequently Asked Questions link on your state page. E-mails are answered on the next business day, excluding holidays. Business hours are M-F, 9-5 Eastern time.

Phone: For technical support contact us at (718) 275-0003.
For Instructor support Email:

Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission


Phone: (717) 783-3658

Fax:(717) 787-0250

Mailing address:
State Real Estate Commisson
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

Pennsylvania 14 Hour Real Estate CE Coures

Realty Institute offers PA continuing education courses as two different packages that meet the 14 hour requirement, or as individual courses by topic. We always recommend using the pre-bundled packages to insure you meet your requirements. The sections included in each package are detailed below, click the section title to see the topics covered in that section:

59.00 PA - A Complete Real Estate Bundle Package A

59.00 PA - A Complete Real Estate Bundle Package B


Individual PA Courses

In addition to our Complete Real Estate CE Bundles we offer individual PA courses for those students who don't need the entire 14 hours of credit. We offer the following courses for PA ala carte (Click the '+' to view the topics covered in the course.):

30.00 Appraisal vs. Pricing (6 Hours) 30.00 Buying and Managing Investment Properties (6 Hours) 30.00 Agency, Anti-trust, and You (5 Hours) 30.00 Fair Housing (3 Hours) 30.00 From Contract to Closing (3 Hours) 30.00 Recognizing & Understanding Environmental Concerns (3 Hours) Close

Course F.A.Q.

Our courses are designed for ease of navigation and learning. Each subject is broken down into individual chapters and the student has the ability to sign off and on as often as they choose. Each time they signoff they will automatically have their place book marked. When they return to the material they will be at the point they left.

At the end of each chapter there will be multiple choice questions. If you answer incorrectly, you will be given another question without having to re-read the material or receive any penalty for time.

There are no graded exams.

Our courses are timed based on state requirements and a timer appears on the bottom of your screen. As you complete each page an arrow will allow you to move to the next one. It will take a total of at least 22.5 hours to complete your subjects.

You will be automatically logged off if you fail to advance pages for 5 minutes or more.

Your Certificate of Completion will be available for you to print and Dept. of State will be notified of your course completion. When all subjects are completed the student will be able to go online to the Dept. of State website and renew his/her license and pay the fee.

Any salesperson who successfully completes an approved broker qualifying course (which requires passing the final schools exam) will receive credit for continuing education for their current two-year sales license renewal period. As long as they have completed the 3 clock hours of mandatory Fair Housing, which is not included in the Brokers course.